Lady Maria - Bloodborne- Private Project 2019

 I absolutely ADORE From Software games and ESPECIALLY Bloodborne. My favorite character in the game is Lady Maria, and moreso, her weapon Rakuyo is just the coolest thing ever. I HAD to make it! I reached out to Manzi to collaborate on a Bloodborne cosplay and she was totally down! I saw she was just as passionate about Lady Maria, so it worked out great. I truly think she's the perfect representation of the character. 

A true passion project.

For those not in the know:

Started by vectoring the sword. Patterns here

Cut out the patterns and made the base of the sword from plywood. Handles are PVC pipes that slot into one another to make for the transforming aspect.

Used circle cutting jig to make several rings to be used as the hilt. Added friction collars to the small sword so that it could insert into the larger one.

Detailing and cleaning the blade. The pommel hides the seam between the two swords.

Adding the detailing to the small sword



Finished product! Love this game. 

Blackwatch Genji - Overwatch- Blizzcon 2018

 I wanted to attend my 2nd Blizzcon in cosplay since my 1st one was kinda boring in normal clothes. Chose the robot ninja because I wanted to keep getting better at sci-fi style armor. Not that many pictures but as always you can find the patterns here

First of all here are the reference pictures

Started by hand patterning the arm from card stock and building the elbow. Surprisingly everything is scaled from the elbow.

Made the chest and bracer base from 3mm and 6mm PVC


 Fast forward and all the other pieces are done. Told you I was in a hurry.

Started the mask.

Added the tubing, which were rubber hoses from Amazon.

Vectored the sword

Built the sword, surprisingly in 3 hours the night before the con.

Pic before heading to con

Finished product:

Link: Soldier Armor - Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild- Anime Expo 2018

Link was one of those weird passion projects. I plated Breath of The Wild and I IMMEDIATELY started working on the armor. I was that enamored with the game. I decided on the Soldier Armor set, minus the helmet because it's an ugly helmet.  

This is the first time that I had the bright idea to use AutoCAD for my templates. They're available here if you want them, scaled and ready to go.



 Cut out the outer rings for the trim detail and the base plate.


 The base layers of the shield being installed.

The underlying structure for the shield is made from 3mm PVC placed perpendicular to the base plates.

These support struts are covered with 3mm PVC and the trim layer is added.

Shield details cut per my AutoCAD pattern on 1mm PVC.

I started applying Bondo to the seams and sanding down. Did a test fit for everything.

Sanded down the Bondo and applied my detailing.

Added the stud details at the ends with wooden half spheres and primed. Filled the gaps on the outer trip with apoxie scuplt.

At this point I started patterning the chest with card stock.

Sorry but from here on out I started to get into a rush so pictures were few and far between T_T.

I made the shoulders and collar

Bracers using 3mm and 6mm PVC

Detailing for the shoulders is 6mm carved to shape for bevels and googly eyes applied for faux rivets.

Armor so far

At this point the con is too close for comfort. I made the Master Sword and sheath in a couple of panic filled days using the AutoCAD pattern. Made from wood and PVC. You can also see the strapping I added to the shield. 

Primed the shield and Bondo'd the blade. Added a bunch of details to the sword. Started the sheath.



More paint

Wife made the tabard using a vector I made. 

Completed costume debuted at AX: