Ame Comi Jade - SDCC 2012

Girlfriend had done an Ame Comi Jade from DC Comics a good while back and she finally bugged me to make her the headphones for it. Her first pair were just some cups and some headphones and was a mess. Luckily I could at least top that... First off here is the reference.

So the entire time I knew I was going to be vacforming the thing so I started out making a vac buck out of MDF and hot glue.


Once that was done I was able to fill in a lot of the holes with lighter and cheaper clay (waste stuff i.e model magic) then layer it over with apoxie sculpt for that nice hard finish.

I nailed the pose right?

When I was looking at the buck I realized that the ends were all really derpy, so I cut out MDF end caps for ensure that they were flat and as symmetrical as I could get them.

We had to get the pulls done in a hurry since San Diego Comic Con was 2 days away. Unfortunately the vac form machine was not up to the task to pulling from acrylic...I was really crestfallen, but we adapt.


So the same day we decided to get some pulls from styrene and paint it green. Not ideal, but it was manageable.


During the day I quickly fabricated an acrylic headband and an acrylic MP3 player that would hook up to the headphones. Here are some of the finished pictures! Enjoy!


  1. What body paint did she use? I'm curious for a possible She-Hulk costume, it's a wonderful shade of green! :)

    1. It was a mixture of Ben Nye Prosthetic adhesive and arcylic paint (Folk Lore brand from Wal-Mart). If you want to know the exact shade you can ask her at

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Awesome job. And I was curious about the body paint too. It looks great with your work!