Fire Emblem - Ike- Fanime 2016

I am not sure why I made Ike, he really seems out of place when it comes to what I have wanted to do. I will be honest this was a period of time when I was pretty lazy in my cosplay in the sense that I didn't really want to break new ground anymore.

Enough personal stuff.

Here's the references I started with.

I used the sword from the art in order to draft a pattern.

I started by drafting the pattern from card stock and masking tape.

Cut, heat formed and super glued the shoulder piece.

The knee was a little bit of a challenge. Here are the patterns I used and the subsequent pieces.

The rest of the armor was relatively easy. Added acrylic trim.

Ok so here is the part I was pretty excited to do. Ike's sword Ragnell.

Started with a paper pattern from the reference image.

Cut the base from plywood and some PVC for the blade.

Glued the PVC, applied bondo to the blade bevels. Cardstock pattern for the hilt.

Here is how I attached the hilt. Cutting a channel through it and gluing to the handle then layering with PVC to hide the seam.

Made pommel from Bondo. You can see that I hid the seam with a top layer of PVC.

Added details on top of the hilt with 3mm PVC. Clean up with Apoxie Sculpt.

Pommel done with PVC and Bondo.

Added a final detail with PVC and acrylic extrusion.



Finished Product!


  1. Wow, I love this! Great stuff!
    I've been wanting to do Marth and a few other FE chars but we'll see when I get around to it. xD

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