RWBY - Blake Belladonna - ALA 2014

For several reasons I just got up and made Gambol Shroud for our friend Haku. She was the Blake for the RWBY SDCC group and was the only prop that I had no part in making.

Long story short I made it purely for reasons of dumb manly pride.

I was given the model spins as part of the SDCC project so I was already set on patterns. The black line on the top of the blade is my doing. It's to line up the curvature for the sheath.

Made the blade first from plywood and put some sections of PVC foam for the handle.

Made a little detail for the magazine. Added 1mm PVC foam to the blade for detailing. A lot like the 3DMG swords. 

Added some details for the gun's faceplate.

Added more details using a drill and some files. Started patterning the sheath section.

Cut the sheath from 3mm PVC foam.

Added walls perpendicular to the PVC and added cloth to the sheath. Made sure that the cloth had a fairly rough texture so that the friction would hold the blade in place.

Yup... it worked.

Cut the handle detailing with my box cutter.

Closed up the box with PVC foam on the sides.

Added spines on the end to hold the blade edge. Wanted to keep the whole thing as light as possible.

Added the bevel on the end with another PVC foam piece.

Bondo...bondo everywhere to close the seams.

Prime with Rustoleum Filler Primer.

It was actually sent off to get painted by a friend. Saved me SOOOOO much time. Girl did a great job!!!

Haku told us that she's the art director for the show... Color me surprised. Gambol Shroud went on a little adventure and now lives in RoosterTeeth. xoxo

Arryn Zech (Blake's VA) with Gambol Shroud.

Seen in RWBY Vol 2 Production Diary 1.

See you at the con!


  1. How long is the whole thing and can you tell me what type of cloth you used and love this so much been waiting forever for this guide keep up the good work

    1. I don't know how long it was but if you take the reference images above (the solo shots) and print them 3 pages x 3 pages in MS Paint you'll get the size I used.

      To be honest I can't really identify cloth by name... so I can't really say. Though it doesn't really matter what you use as long as it generates a lot of friction. So pretty much anything but those imitation silks haha. GL!

  2. What is the rough width of the sheath?

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