Sharrkan - Magi - ALA 2013

This winter I took a break from heavy armor costumes to focus more on the "bishi" side of cosplay, where makeup and wigs dominate the costume. It was good for growth in costuming, but ultimately not really my thing. In any case Sharrkan was my first super pretty boy costume, and it presented its own set of oddities and challenges. However for the most part it was more a labor of tedious repetition rather than outright skill.

First order of business is the reference art. Nothing is ever consistent with Sharrkan, even in the official art. His green trim is always a bit different, his sword is slightly altered etc etc. Eventually I just picked the nicest fanart I could find that had a nice profile picture of his sword. The second picture I liked because of the raised detail running down the center of the blade. More on that later.

First step is to ALWAYS pattern out what you're making. I printed out the sword from the first picture onto cardstock then broke it up into both the blade and the handle.

First the entire blade and handle were cut from 3/8" thick plywood. From there the rest of the handle (to give it a good thickness) was cut and sanded from MDF. If you notice in the picture the plywood of the sword is a pinkish color. Plywood needs to be sanded not only to get the bevel in the blade edge, but also to smooth it out. Bondo auto body filler is used to fill in any remaining imperfections in the wood itself giving it a very smooth finish.

The sword was essentially completed later that day. The handle was glued to the sword using Heavy Duty Liquid Nails.

I glued on an acrylic triangle strip onto the sword to give it that nice raised detail running the length of the blade. I also actually documented my painting method for once!

Painting is always done in this order 
Primer -> sand -> primer -> color paint -> sand (if necessary) -> color paint -> gloss coat (if time permits). I use Rust-Oleum products for all of my painting also, so spray paints are KING! Just remember that taping everything off and taking your time pays off A LOT in the end, so be patient, let everything dry and you'll get some nice paint.

Total construction time = 12 hours (not including paint drying times)

Swords are easy...Now for things I did not know how to make...

Remember that remark about tedious things? I stayed up for a good long while doing my part in the trim. Black strips of ribbon were glued down to a green strip of fabric using liquid stitch. Later it was handed off to Jen to sew down as well. I don't sew. You kidding me?

I just want to make an important note:


I used L200 foam in these pictures, but the final product was just plain craft foam from Michael's, the super thin kind. Turns out the L200 was too thick and didn't look good.

In any case, gold spandex was covered in Weldwood Contact Cement, then this glue was also applied to the foam. The bond for this is very good, but I highly recommend using the installed brush on the bottle, or if you opt for the big can like I did later on, an acid brush. Spatulas just don't cut it. 

The completed plates were sent to Jen to be sewn to a gold belt. Good thing we didn't wind up using this really thick L200 though, it would have taken her forever to stitch it up.

The completed product with all the silly bishi nonsense that accompanies it. Opted to not use white eyebrows for the photo shoot because it looks AWFUL in pictures. Just believe me on that one. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to drop us a line on Facebook or on the comments!

Don't forget our SUPER GIGANTIC Magi group at ALA 2013!!!


  1. Hey!
    I just found your AMAZING blog when i was looking for Sharrkan cosplay ideas. very impressive armour tutorials!! when its all nicely broken down as you have, make attempting armour and weapons not as nerve-wracking! ^^

    Anyway I was wondering if you could help me out with some basics. I'd like to start with making Sharrkan's sword. What kind of tools do I need to cut the wood to make the handle and the curves etc? I've never done anything with wood, but I've got a year to work on the outfit so I'm willing to learn! :)
    I hope you can help me.
    Thanks so much! Have an awesome day~~

    1. This particular build I only used a jig saw to cut out the sword and a table mounted belt sander to bevel the edges. You can get away with a random orbital sander instead of a belt sander easily though. Hope that helps. GL to you!

    2. Awesome thank you so much! Turns out a store nearby is having a sale on the mentioned tools. Yusss!

  2. did you make the pants and sandals on your own?
    if yes, can I have the pants pattern and sandals tutorian?
    I've been working on my sharrkan cosplay too
    onegai ( ;w; )

    1. My girlfriend does all the sewing while I do the props. She used a pattern from the store for the pants. I think it was from Simplicity. I drafted the pattern for the sandals. Just a strip going up the sandal with the loops attaching to the strip. Hope that helps!