Guardians of the Galaxy - Star-Lord - Pop Expo 2014

Star-Lord was almost one of those builds I wouldn't bother posting since I did very little, but I think it'll be a great way to showcase the incredible amount of work that WM Armory put into the helmet.

In any case I've always wanted to make a comic book costume, but my favorite heroes never had a particularly great design I could make. I don't care too much for spandex, and there weren't many Spider-Man armors that interested me (Spider-Man is my #1). Cue the release of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and WOW I was blown away by it. This won't turn into a movie review, but long story short it was awesome. Rocket = Best.

Here are the references I built off of.

Long LONG before I even thought about doing this build Will had already FINISHED making his Star-Lord molds. He was nice enough to give me a pull so late into the process. I love that proplings always help each other out! My eternal gratitude to Will for sure! Here's his build, it's definitely next level stuff.

The guns were licensed Nerf guns, and as such I simply followed some online tutorials on repainting Nerf guns. Long story short I used my normal Rustoleum paints and primers then clear coated them thoroughly. The hardest part however was disassembly, so I recommend taking pictures so you can remember how they all go back together.


Metallic black

Mask off for silver

Mask off for gold

Received the final pull in the mail.

Fabricated shoulder and bracers using PVC foam.

Was initially going to use vinyl boots, but I felt that I could save some money by fabricating them with PVC since I have such a surplus of it laying around. Not pictured but I used some plumbing fittings to make the little thrusters attached to his shoes.

The belt is the only thing I documented thoroughly for some reason. Using PVC I made a raise as wide as the belt I'd be wearing, then used more PVC to make the buckle enclose the belt. I wore the belt backwards to hide the actual buckle that was on it. Acrylic is used on the front for the texture.

Primed the helmet with Rustoleum Automotive Primer

Went over with gunmetal grey automotive paint and a Rustoleum metallic brass.

Sent over to Kiwi5Frog to do detail painting in enamels. Additionally her boyfriend did the lighting.

The jacket was sewn together by SpacePizza Cosplay .

Once I had the base jacket I was able to attach my armor pieces and "electronic" gadgets. PVC glues very well to vinyl with super glue. Here's a sample of one of the electronics I glued on. It looks like a waffle.

Glued on the rest of them, and attached the armor with nylon webbing and elastic.

Test fit with the super cheapo eBay wig I bought.

Again thanks to everyone that helped me on this costume. I have a very limited set of skills, but I have so many awesome friends that'll carry me when necessary. Love you guys!

Debuted at Pop Expo 2014! My first time having a booth too!

Model Mosa



Novii Photography


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