Gungrave / Gungrave Overdose - Anime Expo 2006

Gungrave was one of those projects where your buddy says "dude, bro, let's make something ridiculous" So we did. This project is one of my VERY VERY early projects, pretty much before I even knew what power tools were and as such I feel that people can take away a lot from this build since the only tools we had were common painting supplies, a foam cutter from Michael's .....and that's really it. Minimal tool build!!! Here is some art, but in all honesty we owned both games so we just used the in game models whenever possible. Here is Original Grave

And here is Overdose Grave.


First step was the planning stage and as such we had to scale everything. It's math and not very exciting. We decided though at this stage to include a wooden spine to keep everything nice & firm.

We had to scale it out onto foam, and since the 2 coffins had different shapes we had to do that....twice. From these 2 pattern plates we were able to cut several plates to get the correct thickness. We were using a simple foam cutter that used D-Cell batteries from Michael's. The name escapes me, but it did the job alright

Then we cut a whole bunch of them to get the thickness.

Also keep in mind there is a 2"x4"x6' piece of wood in there for the bolts to screw into. I never got any pictures, but it's there I swear.
 In any case this is where the 2 builds kind of diverge, but Henry's coffin wound up taking shape via wire mesh. Over the wire mesh he covered the bugger in plaster tape. Again no power tools, just scissors.

Mine was made using mostly foam for the detailing with minimal wire mesh work

In any case both were covered in plaster tape. The more rounded detailing (hand in the middle, skull etc) was done using sculpey.

Plaster tape was applied to the rest of it and rolled plaster tape was used to make the "gore" and "sinew" detailing.

While this was going on the guns were fabricated from scrap wood, they're not really that interesting but here they are.

Both of the coffins were painted with acrylics and spray paint.

 In a time before we knew what wigs, contacts and make up were.... wow looking back at these pictures I feel so silly, but we ALL started somewhere right? At least the props looked cool! Thanks for looking at one of the least tool intensive, yet relatively impressive builds, that I've been able to do! Hope it helps all of the budding proplings out there!


  1. Wowza this really is inspiring the propling in me!

  2. OOOOOOOMMMMMGGGGGGG!!!!! that's so cool *O* you're awsome

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