Bao Sanniang's Spinner. AX 2011

Had to make my girlfriend some crazy DOOM yo-yo for her Dynasty Warriors 7 cosplay of Bao Sanniang.

Started out by making a circle cutting tool for my band saw. I did this by taking the miter gauge's rail and gluing it to a piece of plywood then drilling a hole into the wood. Next I used a bolt to put through the hole and BAM by drilling a hole into a piece of wood I could make perfect circles by rotating it around the bolt. Sooooo cool and something I would use again and again.

I did this 6 times. I wound up cutting a ring, a disc and beveled disc for each half of the yo-yo (spinner). I then cut the blades from sintra (expanded PVC foam) as well as the platforms I would eventually sculpt my detailing from.

I used plastic dinner plates as the dome shapes of the spinner. I had to grind down the raised bottoms of the plates to make them look a little bit less like dinner plates.

I secured the two halves with a bolt and some nuts. The string can extend and retract so it can be carried with an extended rope or retracted for ease of use.

Next I would sculpt some details from Aves's Apoxi Sculpt and place it onto the spinner.

Then I added a handle and a paintjob and it was done. Thanks for reading!

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