RWBY - Weiss Schnee - SDCC 2013

December 2012. I was messaged on my personal Facebook in the middle of a drunken haze for a sword commission. I didn't really think anything of it, but it would quickly lead into some of the most fun props I've had the honor of making. I wasn't given the name of what it was, where it was from or anything, just that it was an unreleased character from some unreleased show.

First order of business was to get a plan together and a pattern ready. Decided that I would build this using discs to guide my apoxie sculpt in making them a uniform cylinder.

Cut the silhouette from MDF board and added another layer to thicken the blade and handle.

Cut out some quarter circles and the fins from PVC foam. Then glued them perpendicularly to the wood base that was made.

Added expanding foam to the cylinder. Note the Alibaba dagger WIP. You KNOW I was working on this way before ALA.

Placed apoxie sculpt over the expanding foam then smoothed.

Added the end of the pommel bit with apoxie sculpt and a 1mm PVC foam bit to ensure a uniform height increase.

Added acrylic and PVC foam triangle details to the fins and cylinder.

Super glued some 3D scrapbooking details on the fins. Bondo'd the seams and primed. Lightly sanded for a smooth finish.

Spray painted silver with Rustoleum metallic silver. Painted red using Testor's enamel. Added weathering.

Top is weathered. Bottom is unweathered.

Apply soft black acrylic.

Wipe with towel.

Excess is the weathered portion.

Repeat for the rest of the piece.

Then the whole thing is done!

I would wind up finishing this before the trailer was released. I watched it after I was done.

Realized that the concept was all red. Trailer was rainbow...

I'm an adult...

The whole build was pretty straightforward, but I didn't realize it would spawn another set of projects entirely...

Weiss Schnee Cosplay by Sushi Monster


  1. First off, that's awesome (except the color thing but you realized it later.)
    Second, a few questions:
    How much did this cost to make?
    Woukd you consider making one to buy?

    1. It's hard to say what the material cost is since I buy in bulk and split the materials between several projects. If you are interested in a commission please email with references and a potential due date and I'll get back to you since I do not discuss pricing publicly.

  2. Is that wood you used for the sword? Sorry it's hard for me to see; I'll be making my own rapier for Weiss ^^

    1. Yeah it's wood! MDF to be precise. Didn't realize I never mention it in the build, I'll change that now! Hope that helps!

    2. May i ask where you get your MDF?

  3. May I ask if you have a reference folder of pictures for this rapier, like you do with the Crescent Rose and Yang's weaponfists?

    I'm hopefully going to be cosplaying Weiss in the future, and there aren't many good reference pictures of her sword around.

    1. Unfortunately the 3D model didn't exist at that time that I worked on the sword so I didn't get a thorough reference like Ruby and Yang. Sorry! GL with your project!

    2. Oh, okay! Thank you anyway! And haha, I'll need it!

  4. Hey, what are the dimensions on this bad boy? As in length of blade, hilt, width of blade, hilt. That kinda thing.

    1. Sorry I can't remember. I just print out the pattern from the art above and scale it from that.

  5. Hia! So I was wondering if you'd be willing to make one that I'd be able to buy from you. I'm going to AwesomeCon in May and Im cosplaying Weiss c:

    1. Sorry but I am full on commissions until after August of this year. Thanks for your interest