Kagamine Rin Knife "Commission" 2012

A little known project that I did which drastically changed the way I approached making swords was the Kagmine Rin (Knife) "commission" for Sushi Monster . Here is the reference art I was given to work with....leaves a lot to the imagination.

The sword started life as 3 pieces of MDF glued together with bondo to fill in the edges for the uniform bevel. Sword is on the left, a different project is on the right.


 I later added sintra and heated it over the sword to make the gnarly looking handle. I used apoxie sculpt on the top and bottom to close up any seams.

Painting this thing was the first time that I would use spray paints exclusively. Had a hard time taping off the gold parts, but it worked out well. Sprayed a thing coat of clear coat and called it a day.

The final product was delivered to the client and presto it was done!

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