Drakengard - Five - Fanime 2014

Did a VERY VERY quick build for a friend in exchange for some wigs. Build time was 2 days, so it was a pretty down and dirty build. Glad it at least passes the 10ft test!


Rotated and erased stuff to make a template.

Printed out template, bought some scrapbooking stickers and pre fabricated fleur de lis stuff to use as detailing.

Cut out a cross from a 4' x 2' hobby board.

Added more wood and some 6mm PVC foam to make it the correct width.

Added 1mm PVC foam on the blade to cover wood grains. Beveled the edges with an angle grinder.

Added the finials at the end, still flat wood.

Started adding acrylic trim and prototyped the first finial with all the detailing.

Realized that the center piece has circles. Used a forstner bit to drill holes in the center of the sword.

Added detailing with acrylic extrusion, scrapbooking materials and some pre fabricated wooden pieces.

Primed and then taped off for gold treatment.

All spray paint.

Done! Only took 2 days! Thanks for reading!

1 comment:

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