League of Legends - Nidalee - Fanime 2015

I'll be perfectly honest. I can't hit javelins at all as Nid. Not even in ARAM. I'm sorry.

Despite that I cosplayed her, because why not. I've worked my body at the gym might as well use it. AND I MADE GAREN WHICH WAS UNCOMFORTABLE SO I DESERVE SOMETHING COMFY.

In any case I enlisted some help designing the costume.

Lan's concept

Chuwei's concept

I wound up using bits and pieces from both as well as my own concepts.

First bit was to pattern the javelin from the in game model.

Blow it up to the right size.

I used 3 pieces of plywood stacked together and ground down to make the shaft. I went for a wild feel so it's not even close to cylindrical or even.

I drafted a pattern for the head.

Using PVC I built the skeleton.

Then made a skin of PVC around it.

Cut a pattern for the detailing

Glued to the skin of the javelin head.

Added trim.

Added posts for the teeth/bones and cleaned up with Bondo.

Made the teeth/bones from foam and Apoxie Sculpt.

Drilled a hole to allow them to be used like beads.

Added electrical tape and weathered.

Painted javelin head and stained shaft.

Added bones.

Debuted at Fanime 2015.

Photo by Tiffany

Photo by BigWhiteBazooka

Photo by Somatic Studios 


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