Alibaba Saluja - Magi - ALA 2013

Been putting this off for awhile, since we never got any proper photoshoots of Alibaba, but con season is approaching and I feel that scabbard making is a pretty important skill to have. First off here is the reference art.

As always the pattern was cutout from cardstock, so I'm going to skip posting this step. In any case once the pattern was laid out all of the pieces were cut from 1/4" PVC (Komatex) then adhered together with Loctite brand super glue (the best on the market that we have tried so far).

The edges were beveled using a belt sander. The scabbard was first cut from some cull wood I had lying around to ensure that it could smoothly slide in and out of the scabbard itself.

Final scabbard was cut from PVC and stacked to make a recess for the blade to slide in and out of. In order to keep the paint job on the blade as clean as possible over time some cloth was added to the inside. Cloth was adhered with Liquid Nails.

Scabbard was glued shut with super glue and acrylic extrusion trim was added for detailing along with apoxie sculpt. Added the finger guard as well. In the show it's on the opposite side, and I don't know why... so I did it not accurate. OH NOES!!!!

Paint method was spray paint and tape.

Added puffy paint and more acrylic for detailing as well as a store bought gem.

Hope that helps people with their scabbard making! For longer scabbards I would recommend wood since PVC isn't stiff and will flex on longer weapons.

Happy cosplay!

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  1. Haha, what's the $2 for?

    Also, hooray for not sticking with an exact replica when it doesn't make sense!