Saint Seiya - Pegasus Seiya - Anime Expo 2014

I have a lot of fans in Latin America and I wanted to make a costume specifically FOR them. The Legend of Sanctuary movie was just about to be released so I decided to make the costume. Easy as that!

Got some friends in Japan to grab some pictures of the figure's back on the down low. Life savers!

Started with the shoulders. Drafted some patterns.

Fabricated shoulders from PVC foam (Sintra). Please note in the picture are the old shoulders, the ones I wound up using are slightly different in size but the same concept in building.

Carved the chest from several blocks of PVC foam.

Made a pattern for the details and collar.

Carved the center diamond detail.

My prototype chest and final chest.

Added pieces to the collar.

Pattern for the thigh pieces. For some reason I never took an WIP of me actually making it...sorry!!!

I actually make the gauntlets base in a video! Check it out!

Filled out gauntlets base with waste material and Apoxie Sculpt.

Patterning the shins.

Fabricated the shins and knee. Thighs wound up being scrapped. Fabricated thighs later using duct tape dress form method.

Added a detail layer to shins. Bondo the seam in the middle.

The completed shin to thigh assembly.

Test fit!!!

Prototyping shoes.

Testing shin to ankle interface.

Added details to belt buckle and waist pieces.

Added tabs to a piece of plastic and slotted it into the shin armor to make a true clamshell. Later on added velcro for added stability.

Added scapbooking stickers to EVERYTHING.

Chest armor is held together by a PVC pipe turned into a bearing. It rotates freely around it.

Primed everything.

Base coat!

Made the head piece from PVC and alligator clipped it to my head.

Final paint was outsourced. Got the whole Saint crew together to protect Athena! Thanks for reading!


  1. That's so goddamn epic! I admire your skills!

  2. Awesome costume! where did you buy the scrap-booking stickers from please?

    1. I get them from Michael's and sometimes Amazon.

  3. I've never heard of PVC foam before. I googled it and all that came up was foam board, but it looks like you're using some sort of pliable sheet. Can you tell me more about it please? Where can I get it? Do you have to do anything special to bend it or seal it?

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  5. this was very helpful. thank you so much. what thickness did you use for the foam?

  6. how much did this cost to make in total???

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. WHERE DID U GET THE RED PART OF THE SUIT? sorry for the caps

  9. Waow it turned out amazing! My eyes are bugging out yo, you are awesome. Could I ask how many sheets of each thickness you used [and the sheet dimensions]? Thanks in advance!

    1. I can't remember exactly probably 1x 3mm and 1x6mm

    2. Oh, that's okay, could I ask then what you would recommend for a Gold Saint? What size sheet? Thanks!

  10. This is so cool! Can you make a cosplay like this for commission ??

  11. This is so cool! Can you make a cosplay like this for commission ??

  12. planning to make ikki the phoenix cosplay, thinking to use worbla, if not eva foam