Yamuraiha - Magi - ALA 2013

A gnarled wood style staff is something I have always wanted to try making, and with Yamuraiha's staff I finally got my wish. Out of all the Magi weapons I made (dagger, sword and staff) this one took the longest, granted it was only 3 working days, but for the simplicity of the staff I thought it would go by a bit quicker to be honest. Well first off here is the reference.

If you have been reading my other builds long enough you will start to see the pattern and that the first step is to ALWAYS bust out some cardstock and plan it all out. This is when I realized that Yamu's staff looked like a big sperm.

I never unsaw it.

The sphere at in the middle of the staff had to be tough, so I was a bit reluctant to buy a 24" shatterproof Christmas ornament. My doubts were completely shelved when I bounced it around like a basketball and it didn't even dent. Color me surprised.

From the cardstock pattern I cut the wood base, then on this base I applied expanding foam and carved it to a rough shape. The ball was socketed in the staff and held in place by simple hot glue and the expanding foam's adhesive properties. Then since I had it lying around I put duct tape on the entire thing.

You can see the multiple layers here.

So here is the part where the time just flew. I wound up covering the ENTIRE thing in apoxie sculpt. In my brain I thought it would take be one evening... NOPE. Took me an entire day to knock it out. Was one of the most tedious things I've done, and I've done a lot of tedious things... like pepakura.

I won't bother posting the 2 pictures but once I applied the apoxie sculpt I did a bunch of sanding with an orbital sander. You can't see the difference in any of the pictures I took unfortunately. but it was VERY necessary.

I actually documented my paint method again! So happy! Hit the thing with a bright pink, then hit the orb with a much lighter pink.

Small thing that some people forget, and that I had to be reminded about. You can use plastic bags on large surfaces instead of wasting your blue tape.

Once it was painted something seemed...off...it just looked like a sperm still.

I figured it out and I decided to weather the "socket" between the sphere and the staff. It added that much needed layer of depth.

I also painted the shells... that took me about 5 minutes to do, but little did I know that they would dominate pictures instead of the staff I worked so hard on T_T.

Hope people find this useful! Questions, comments, concerns? Give me a shout in the comments, Facebook or dA!



  1. So after you put the expanding foam do you cover the ENTIRE staff with duct tape or just the part indicated in the picture?

  2. how did you make the boob shell things?

    1. They were just store bought boob shells painted pink.

  3. How many cans of expanding foam did you use (or how many grams since each can can be in different size :P)? What about apoxie sculpt, how many tubs did it take to cover the whole staff?

    And I'm wondering about how you made the shell breast cups too XD. And one more stupid question, you socket the orb into the staff after you carved everything out or no?

    Thank you for making this post! It was so helpful! :D

    1. Oh I don't know grams but 1 of the $5 cans was enough for the whole thing. I used a 4lbs tub of Apoxie Sculpt for the project. The shell cups were store bought boob shells painted then glued to a bra. GL! Happy Cosplay!

  4. How did you go about fabricating the ear shells? Hmmm?

    1. Our friend Vensy cast them for us. I didn't make them.

  5. Well fudge. I typed out this big page of how im planning to make a Yamuraiha cosplay and how im one of your fangirls and talk about my breasts a bit and fangirl over how I saw you on /ALLchat and how your so cute and you look so good in cosplay and blah blah blah.
    But then it made me sign into google to post it and I lost it all, now im to lazy to type it all out again.
    -face meets desk-
    Anyway, id love to see how youd make a pair of Vi gloves, where a person could put theyre hands in and actually be able to move those giant fingers. I love playing her on League, and I especially love seeing her in the game. Her Police skin is my favorite, because, cmon, breasts.
    Also, id love to see *you* in a Sinbad, from Magi, cosplay. I think you could really pull it off. I mean, you are kinda short... and I dont think your shoulders are really as broad as his... but im sure you could pull it off really well. You have the head shape for it.

    1. Please don't insult me on my own blog.

    2. Wow, well I'm sorry you felt like I was insulting you. Just for the record, I wasn't.

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