Monster Hunter Tigrex x Diablos - Monster Hunter - ALA 2012

So I got talked into a pretty crazy project involving the hunting of monsters. It was nuts and I had a good time learning the basics of apoxie sculpt as well as slightly more complicated sintra work. Here is the reference for the Tigrex x Diablos armor.

I cut out the shapes of the armor and left a little triangle for myself so I could build it up with foam and apoxie sculpt for the horns.

The gauntlet was a big different since I needed a pretty strange shape, so in order to get it the right shape I had to cut several darts into the plastic to get it to be a box. Was certainly a nuisance but it got done. The gauntlet is 4 separate pieces glued together with liquid nails and super glue.

I added some sintra detailing to it as well as more platforms for the apoxie sculpt to rest on.I thought it looked like a rabbit with the extra platforms so I drew some silly eyes.

I started sculpting the horns and used a small needle tool to get the grooves in the apoxie for the horn detail.

The big horn on the shoulder actually broke off since it was too heavy so I had to cut a hole into the shoulder and brace it. It's a bit awkward to explain so here is a picture.

The entire armor started to come together. It was painted initially by me but a friend hated my paintjob so much that he just repainted it all glossy.

I chose a single handed sword with no shield since it is impossible for me to hold anything in my left hand. This sword is called the Odyssey Blade.

Simple build so I started out with printing out the sword for scaling.

The sword started out as 4 pieces of MDF layered with a gap so I could apply bondo for the bevel.

Added bondo, some sintra and foam to it.

Sculpted the horn the same way I did the horns on the armor, had to take it into work since I was starting to feel the time crunch.

Painted it with spray paints and weathered with acrylics. Additionally the handle isn't leather, but electrical tape weathered with acrylic then clear coated.

So there you have it lots of hunting of monsters. Hope it was useful!


  1. I like the finish on the horns in particular. It looks great!

  2. I envy you so much, Monster Hunter is my favorite game and I always wished to make a cosplay of this >__< well, actually, the Rathalos armor from MHFreedom >_____<!

    1. I actually helped a bit on our friend's Rathalos armor. He was in our group for Animegacon so if you need any pointers I can help out!

  3. How much did all of this cost?
    How long did it take?
    I'm doing the Female Armor and just wanna have an estimate~

    Awesome Armor TBH~

    1. I can't remember how long it took, it's been too long now but the cost was about $100. GL

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