League of Legends - Spellthief Lux - Fanime 2013

Spellthief Lux was one of those projects that I was scared of the entire time and solely because it was so simple. I mean, if you screw up 1 thing on the costume itself you're going to look silly. That being said, I was very happy that I was only tasked with making the staff. So let's get started! Here's the reference!

My first task was to go out to one of the many online League of Legends model viewers on the web and take a screen cap of the staff. Once I had it I could get a nice template from it and get the correct proportions.

First the pattern was laid out onto plywood and cut. I cut 3 pieces in order to achieve the correct thickness.

Once the staff base was cut out and glued together an angle grinder was used to round out the staff. Please note the rectangular notch cut into the wood.

The notch is cut there so that the other half of the staff head could be slotted into the staff itself then glued in place.

This was glued together then ground down with an angle grinder... a hand held angle grinder... it was the least safe thing I have ever done.

Finally when a rough shape was ground out the two pieces were ready to be glued together.

The shape is a bit awkward, but, not pictured, a Dremel rotary tool with sanding drum was used to clean up those nasty seams.

Staff is ready for staining.

The staff was stained with a dark walnut stain and OMFG it was WWWAAAAYYYYY too dark, so lesson learned... staining plywood is really a crapshoot. Try it at your own risk. I was able to salvage the whole affair using a bright silver trim I found in the scrapbooking section of Michael's. Unfortunately I couldn't find it on their website though but it should be there.

Hood was embroidered and test tubes filled with blue hair gel, then we were off to the convention! Questions, comments, concerns? Give us a shout in the comments!


  1. I have a question. In the picture right before it was stained, what is that other stuff?!

    Also, nice job.

    1. Oh lol. That's bits of armor from my Tryndamere project and Akali project. I'll be posting them up soon hopefully!

    2. Cool. Looking forward to that Tryndamere. I want to try my hand at some armor soon, I just haven't quite figured out what specific character to do yet.