Sailor Moon - Sailor Saturn - Journey Beyond 2014

I was given another commission from long time friend Sushimonster. She showed me the art from NoFlutter's version of the Sailor Scouts to draw from and I couldn't have been more excited to A.) Work on something from Sailor Moon B.) Not make a sword

First off here is the original art.

I talked to my client and reasoned with her that we'd just use the default Sailor Saturn staff as reference since the 2 didn't have any huge discrepancies.

I got some art and cropped enough to get a good side view to draft a pattern from.

Printed it out into card stock. The plan was to have the tang of the glaive socket around a plastic rod then have that weird clamshell on top of it to cover the rod.

Got a table leg from Home Depot. Drilled holes on the top and bottom and inserted the plastic rod on top, and a threaded bar on the bottom. This threaded bar matched the size of the retractable curtain rod I also bought.

Cut the blade from PVC foam and glued together for proper thickness. Super rough right?

Sanded the blade edges to get them clean and put a bevel into the blades. Carved some detail into the clam piece on the bottom of the blade.

Cut the "mace" portion on the bottom from 6mm PVC foam and attached to the curtain rod with JB Weld.

It all screws together!

Primed, painted and sanded

Delivered to client and they made some magic happen! Photo by BigWhiteBazooka. Thanks for reading!

League of Legends - Arcade Miss Fortune - Montreal Comic Con 2014

Had the opportunity to work with long time friend Yaya Han on a League of Legends project. I knocked out these guns in a couple of days, and it's one of my quickest builds yet!


Went into MS Paint and edited a picture of the model to get what I needed for the pattern.

Drafted out the pattern.

Cut out the handle then glued PVC pipe for the barrel.

Made a box around the PVC pipe to hold it in place and for details later.

Cut out the front sight of the gun and carved using a belt sander. A really big belt sander...because I can.

Added detailing plates. Drilled holes, cut grooves etc.

Cut out the rear detailing from PVC. Added PVC and acrylic detailing to the end of the handle.

Primed with Rustoleum Filler Primer.

Client took care of the painting process and debuted at Montreal Comic Con. Was really happy to help a friend knock a costume out of the park!

RWBY - Emerald - RTX 2014

I made another set of RWBY weapons for Sushimonster. This time it was on the villain's side, but it was just as fun all the same. This was the first time I had moving parts on a prop, so it was a little bit of an adventure. In all honesty there were sacrifices made to the aesthetics due to time constraints and the mechanism, but all in all it was a good learning experience. 

References I was given. Scaled it according to this model from the show. Wound up making it just a tiny bit bigger though just for safety.

Used a PVC pipe for the cylinder. Socketed a smaller PVC pipe into the cylinder for the barrel. Drilled holes to give the cylinder details for the bullet chambers.

Assembled the barrel, cylinder, stock and forward grip from PVC foam.

Started putting together the blade section from PVC foam. Made it from a flat piece then closed it off like a box. The scythe tip would slide into the blade section on the part mounted to the gun itself. 

Support struts made for the scythe blade edge.

Glued covers to support struts to give the scythe edge.

Tested the scythe base of the blade with the barrel section. Hinged with some strange plastic rod. I just know it was in the scrap bin and is incredibly hard.

Put all the pieces together and added details.

Gun is designed to swing open, then the user adds the scythe tip later. 

Painted with spray paint

Sushimonster went out to do a shoot! Looks great! They held up during RTX and were able to remain open or closed even within the huge crowds of the con. Thanks for

Saint Seiya - Pegasus Seiya - Anime Expo 2014

I have a lot of fans in Latin America and I wanted to make a costume specifically FOR them. The Legend of Sanctuary movie was just about to be released so I decided to make the costume. Easy as that!

Got some friends in Japan to grab some pictures of the figure's back on the down low. Life savers!

Started with the shoulders. Drafted some patterns.

Fabricated shoulders from PVC foam (Sintra). Please note in the picture are the old shoulders, the ones I wound up using are slightly different in size but the same concept in building.

Carved the chest from several blocks of PVC foam.

Made a pattern for the details and collar.

Carved the center diamond detail.

My prototype chest and final chest.

Added pieces to the collar.

Pattern for the thigh pieces. For some reason I never took an WIP of me actually making it...sorry!!!

I actually make the gauntlets base in a video! Check it out!

Filled out gauntlets base with waste material and Apoxie Sculpt.

Patterning the shins.

Fabricated the shins and knee. Thighs wound up being scrapped. Fabricated thighs later using duct tape dress form method.

Added a detail layer to shins. Bondo the seam in the middle.

The completed shin to thigh assembly.

Test fit!!!

Prototyping shoes.

Testing shin to ankle interface.

Added details to belt buckle and waist pieces.

Added tabs to a piece of plastic and slotted it into the shin armor to make a true clamshell. Later on added velcro for added stability.

Added scapbooking stickers to EVERYTHING.

Chest armor is held together by a PVC pipe turned into a bearing. It rotates freely around it.

Primed everything.

Base coat!

Made the head piece from PVC and alligator clipped it to my head.

Final paint was outsourced. Got the whole Saint crew together to protect Athena! Thanks for reading!