Saint Seiya - Pegasus Seiya - Anime Expo 2014

I have a lot of fans in Latin America and I wanted to make a costume specifically FOR them. The Legend of Sanctuary movie was just about to be released so I decided to make the costume. Easy as that!

Got some friends in Japan to grab some pictures of the figure's back on the down low. Life savers!

Started with the shoulders. Drafted some patterns.

Fabricated shoulders from PVC foam (Sintra). Please note in the picture are the old shoulders, the ones I wound up using are slightly different in size but the same concept in building.

Carved the chest from several blocks of PVC foam.

Made a pattern for the details and collar.

Carved the center diamond detail.

My prototype chest and final chest.

Added pieces to the collar.

Pattern for the thigh pieces. For some reason I never took an WIP of me actually making it...sorry!!!

I actually make the gauntlets base in a video! Check it out!

Filled out gauntlets base with waste material and Apoxie Sculpt.

Patterning the shins.

Fabricated the shins and knee. Thighs wound up being scrapped. Fabricated thighs later using duct tape dress form method.

Added a detail layer to shins. Bondo the seam in the middle.

The completed shin to thigh assembly.

Test fit!!!

Prototyping shoes.

Testing shin to ankle interface.

Added details to belt buckle and waist pieces.

Added tabs to a piece of plastic and slotted it into the shin armor to make a true clamshell. Later on added velcro for added stability.

Added scapbooking stickers to EVERYTHING.

Chest armor is held together by a PVC pipe turned into a bearing. It rotates freely around it.

Primed everything.

Base coat!

Made the head piece from PVC and alligator clipped it to my head.

Final paint was outsourced. Got the whole Saint crew together to protect Athena! Thanks for reading!

Drakengard - Five - Fanime 2014

Did a VERY VERY quick build for a friend in exchange for some wigs. Build time was 2 days, so it was a pretty down and dirty build. Glad it at least passes the 10ft test!


Rotated and erased stuff to make a template.

Printed out template, bought some scrapbooking stickers and pre fabricated fleur de lis stuff to use as detailing.

Cut out a cross from a 4' x 2' hobby board.

Added more wood and some 6mm PVC foam to make it the correct width.

Added 1mm PVC foam on the blade to cover wood grains. Beveled the edges with an angle grinder.

Added the finials at the end, still flat wood.

Started adding acrylic trim and prototyped the first finial with all the detailing.

Realized that the center piece has circles. Used a forstner bit to drill holes in the center of the sword.

Added detailing with acrylic extrusion, scrapbooking materials and some pre fabricated wooden pieces.

Primed and then taped off for gold treatment.

All spray paint.

Done! Only took 2 days! Thanks for reading!