Asato - Lamento - Yaoi Con 2012

O M G. Cannot believe I was deceived into doing a yaoi costume. Friend shows me a cosplay group that she wants to do, and I see the big burly bronzed man in the back. Yeah, lesson learned, do your research before you cosplay something.

That being said I wound up having a lot of fun building this sword for myself and Renoke since we were twinning the characters.

First order of business is the reference art.

The base for the swords were cut from 1/2" thick MDF and glue together with liquid nails. Once this was done I used duct tape to act as a guide for when I sanded the bevel into the blade edges.

 Next up was for the sanding of the hand guard as well as the grip.

For the pattern I had our friend Alex Toy cut them with a laser cutter onto 1/16" plexiglass.

The plexi's protective coating was removed (which took a lot longer than you would think actually...) then glued onto the MDF. A smooth application of liquid nails was necessary to ensure that the detail was not lost in the glue.

Bondo was applied to the blade edge to hide the seam between the plexi and the wood.

Finally the bugger was painted using Rustoleum spray paints and filler primer. The handle is simple electrical tape that is weathered with black acrylic then sealed with clear gloss coat.

Hope you enjoyed the build! Now here is the final product... GAY CAT BOYS ERRYWHERE!!!